About Anna Gibiskys
Expert in landscape photography, entrepreneur in travel industry,
founder of the Itinero Travel company

If you ask me why I am in photography, I will give you two important reasons. First, it's an overpowering beauty of nature. Even the most gorgeous photo can't fully reflect my sincere love and admiration of our planet. Still, at the same time, I can't stop trying to showcase the might of nature, the scents of forests, humid sea winds, unthinkable animals.

My mission is to wake the viewer to wonder and thus, care about the fragile and unprotected from the humans' influence ecosystems. The second reason is self-expression. Whether it's a portrait or a picture of the modern luxury interior, taking a photo provides an opportunity to express my feelings and view of the world.

I've started my path in photography in South America. My fondness for the Altiplano that runs across three different countries made me begin a large project for National Geographic, which you can read about here (a link to the blog).

Later, I stretched my interest to the Hawaiian Archipelago, which inspired me to found a travel club called Itinero that allows every member to discover the most beautiful and unfamiliar countries.

Ever since I began my photography career, I have presented as a public speaker at various events focused on photography and travel. I work in a jury of international contests, create customized content, and arrange photo tours.
Corporate collaborations
  • I produce content for large companies. My clients include MTS, Clarins, and Epson.
  • Sell stock travel photographs and branded content.
  • Write articles on photo production and reviews of the photo equipment.
Photo tours and training
  • Arrange photo tours to South America, the USA, and Canada since 2012.
  • Develop the photo tours' programs and teach post-production to the photographers.
Speaking and travel consulting
  • Serve as a public speaker at conferences and other events devoted to photography, photo equipment, travel, and content production.
  • Produce educational programs and training for the organizers of customized tours and guides.
  • Consult in tourism and photography.

I partner with the following companies:
2021 Judge at the Epson International PanoAwards contest of panoramic photography

2021 Publication at the Discovery printed magazine on a tour project in South America (April 2021)

2021 Launched an educational project for the organizers of the customized tours Travelogy.pro

2021 Speaker at the most significant Russian photo exhibition PhotoForum

2021 Speaker at MITT, the most prominent exhibit on tourism in Russia

2021 Publication in RuTage printed magazine (Issue 20)

2020 Speaker at NaturePhotoTalks forum

2020 Teacher and mentor at School for Training of Customized Tours Operators and Guides Beguide

2019 Tested a photo camera in Patagonia for Photar and Nikon collaborative project

2019 Judge at the Epson International PanoAwards contest of panoramic photography

2019 Speaker at Kaspersky Travel Lab event

2018 Exhibit on Nikolskaya Street, Moscow, with the support of National Geographic and Clarins

2018 Judge at the Epson International PanoAwards contest of panoramic photography

2018 Lecture at Sport Marathon

2018 Publication about Bolivia in National Geographic Russia

2018 Speaker at Photo Forum by National Geographic Russia

2018 Speaker at The Spirit of Travel event by Tutu.ru

2017 Speaker at two Special Territory festivals

2015 Silver and Bronze Awards in the PanoAwards contest, Nature category

2015 Included in Top-100 photos at 35PHOTO

2015 Speaker on My Planet fest in Museon Park

2014 Golden Award in the PanoAwards contest, Architecture category

2014 Included in Top-10 photos in the PanoAwards contest, Nature category

2013 Launched the first photo tour to Altiplano. Created Itinero project to conduct this photo tour annually for eight years in a row

2012 My first publication YourShot at National Geographic
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